What Wallabees mean to me. Back in the 7th grade (96-97) My OG (Cousin Louie) left me a beat up pair of navy wallo’s. It was at the height of the wallabee craze which Ghostface and Raekwon helped not only create, but more importantly bring to hip hop fashion. I was a young J.I.T (Jedi In Training) and didn’t understand the significance of the shoe until many years later. The pair my cousin gave me turned all my socks navy blue, and the suede was fraying a bit. The gumsole was getting dirty, but I rocked those joints three years straight. I, like a few of my High school peers was into grimy, underground, head nodding hip hop. The time I was in school was a major turning point for the culture. It was the beginning of the “Shiny Suit Era” and all that I loved about hip hop had gone underground. We had to search for the music we loved, while Hot 97 played lots of Diddy. Everyday. That’s my word. Wallo’s for me were a staple in the Hip Hop uniform. Me wearing wallabees was like waving the flag in a way. Saluting the culture, an homage of sorts to hip hop. Even in today’s fickle and funny times, I keep a pair (or three) of wally’s on deck for any occasion. Old habits indeed die hard. Instead of opting for the newest latest, I’d rather keep it all the way classic.

                         The Sky Blue Wally’s were my holy grail. I never got them, and for a while gave up hope that they even existed. Until I saw them on Jamaica ave. I never copped them, but I knew a few herbs who had them from other schools around that time. Had to post a pic of them. Looking at them now, I’m not sure I’d wear the sky blues, but I know If I had them back in the day I woulda ran em to the ground. Timbs, Jordan’s, and Wallabees. Three names in footwear I will have in my closet for the rest of my life. Salute.